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When planning any special event, invitation etiquette is an important consideration. It conveys exactly what kind of party your guests can look forward to. You should expect excitement from your guests as they open their mailbox to find your invitation! Your invitation should match the style of your event. Is it formal, semi-formal or casual? Your invitation provides the details of the celebration as well as what to expect at the party.


With expert help from Marabous, invitation etiquette is so simple! We have done all the hard work for you by spending quality time perfecting each and every one of our designs to suit all of your most special occasions.


What to include on your invitation or announcement


The purpose of the invitation or announcement: eg. a birthday party, wedding or announcement of a new baby.
Name of Honoree: eg. the birthday person, bride & groom
Day & Date of the party or time the actual event took place:
Time: 6:00pm or for more formal occasions, you could spell out the time e.g six o’clock in the evening
Location Name: Vino Wine Bar
Location Address: Street Address, City, State and postal code (optional).
Name of Host(s): or hostess(es) or parent(s) hosting the party.
Suggested Attire: A guideline for your guests, which also sets the tone for the event.


Marabous Tips


Remember to always proof read your invitation or announcement several times to make sure all information is correct and that you haven’t forgotten any vital details.

Do always spell out Days and Months: e.g Sunday or January
Do use commas only to separate information that appears on the same line:
e.g. Sydney, Australia
Do always choose an innovative design from the Marabous Online Gallery and have fun personalising your cards
Do always choose a design to suit the style of event you wish to create
Don’t use punctuation at the end of the lines: e.g no commas, full stops etc.


When to post your invitations to your guests


Traditionally posting out your invitations 8 weeks in advance was thought to be the rule, especially for weddings.
The 8 weeks notice is not necessary with semi-formal to casual events. Most of the time, the host may not have even thought about the party until as little as 2-4 weeks prior to the event.


Luckily Marabous has an online solution for personalised, designer photo invitations direct to your door within 3-5 business days. Choose your favourite design, personalise and order!


For more information on how to make your event a success, visit